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Cubic Containers

The Stärker™ MeterCube™is a UN 31A/Y approval as intermediary bulk container (IBC) based on ADR/RID/AND and IMDG – code, chapter 6.5 for overland, rail, and sea transport of hazardous goods of class II and III.

As an improvement on the standard UN31A/Y the Stärker™ MeterCube™ is certified food grade for processing, storage and transportation of food grade liquids including flavors, extracts, concentrates, broths, sauces, emulsifiers, sweeteners, beer, wine, and other beverages.

This container is ambient pressure, as all cubic containers are by design and physics. It is stackable and provides for efficient storage and transportation.

The welds on the Stärker™ MeterCube™ are completed with laser welding efficiency and the top and bottom of the container are pressed stainless steel. Most cubic containers on the market do not go to the expense of pressing the lid but utilize a series of bends and welds to make the corners. These bends and welds create areas of weakness that are not present with the Stärker™ MeterCube™.

Forklift channels are designed into the base of the container while allowing them to stack 3 containers when empty and 2 containers full.

The UN31A/Y rating allows these containers to be utilized for Class II and III hazardous goods to be stored and transported in the IBCs. This includes Acetone, Adhesives, Ammonia, Bleach, Paints, Gasoline, Perfume, Ethanol, Pesticides, Flammable Solvents and much more!

As a UN approved container/IBC, you can effectively utilize this container for all approved products for storage and transport. With the efficient 1000 liter design it provides shipping and warehouse efficiency while maximizing the benefits of stainless steel. Contact CSC

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