cornerstone stainless containers

Fermentation and Brewing

If you are looking for a container for fermentation the Starker™ line of aseptic tanks are designed with the versatility to function as an excellent fermentation tank for production of all fermented beverages. With Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) and TÜV and CE certified pressure ratings the Starker™ tanks are excellent fermentation and brewing tanks. Coupling the capabilities to operate as a fermentation tank and aseptic tank the Starker™ line provides the user with a wide range of tanks designed and proven in brewing and fermentation in the beer, wine, kombucha, fizzy wines, mead, Kefir, soft drinks, and other fermented beverages.

The Starker™ pressure tanks are designed with operational ports for carb stones, thermal wells, sample spouts, racking arms and other attachments designed to work with the tank body and cone for production, storage, and discharge of fermented beverages.

The gas valve on the lid allows for injection of gas to enhance carbonation and fermentation. The pressure rating allows for pressure control and monitoring.

For brewing under pressure, the Starker™ IBC provides an aseptic and sterile environment where temperature can be controlled and changed to meet your brewing, fermentation and processing needs.

The double walled (jacketed) tanks allow for glycol or other heat/cooling liquids to be applied to the tank to stimulate or terminate fermentation at the right time for your fermented beverage production.

Insulated tanks allow for temperature maintenance and minimize sweating. Contact CSC

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