cornerstone stainless containers
Heated Containers

The Stärker™ line by CSC includes containers/IBCs with two options for heating/cooling. The first option is to work with a jacketed container. The jacketed containers have a second wall that is laser welded to the first one creating a jacket with space between them where you can utilize liquids – glycol, steam, water and other heating or cooling liquids. This design allows for temperature adjustments to maintain a production process, including fermentation, chilling, or heating product for serving or advancement to then next process and increasing or decreasing consistency of the product and associated viscosity.

The second option is to work with one of the Stärker™ designs for electrical heating, like our Chocolate IBC. This container can maintain a heat and on a product like chocolate keep the product from solidifying or to liquidity a solid product.

As a customer manufactured container options are available for duel or multiple heating/cooling zones. Tell us your needs and let our engineers design a container to meet your needs. Contact CSC

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