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What is a pressure tank and what are its uses?

Pressure tanks are carefully engineered and fabricated stainless steel vessels, engineered and manufactured to the highest international standards to ensure safety and quality. The advantage of a pressure tank versus an ambient pressure tank is that nitrogen or other gases can be put on top of the product as a blanket (nitrogen blanket) because the nitrogen is heavier than most gases it forces the others out and provides a nitrogen blanket on top of the product. Additionally, a by utilizing pressure you are able to force viscous liquids out of the container through the bottom discharge. With a pressure container you are able to evacuate more of your product and be more efficient with the discharge and utilization of the product.

The versatility of these tanks provides for have multipurpose properties and can be perfect to for industrial use where quality control, the sanitation characteristics of stainless steel and aseptic or sterile conditions are required.

Cornerstone Stainless Containers provides new and used pressured tanks for food, beverages, beer and winery industry with custom design possible to be tailored to suited to your needs. In the wine industry for example stainless steel pressure tanks are often used because they are much easier to maintain and have dual purposes including fermentation, aging, storage and transportation.

Tanks are available in single wall, jacketed (pillow plate) and insulated. This allows for temperature control utilizing glycol, steam or water to help with the production process and/or the storage and quality control. In addition to our “standard” tanks we have a complete line of electrically heated tanks for use in the chocolate or other viscus product industry.

Our European designed and crafted tanks and containers are typically made of 304 or 316 stainless steel. Our factories in Europe can produce tungsten and other steels at the requirements of the customer. The annual volume of our production allows for economies of scale and efficiencies not available to smaller producers, our quality outsells cheaper, and often more expensive, containers produced by companies that don’t have the efficiencies, design or experience of our industry leading manufacturing facilities. (CPcom), is the sister company of Cornerstone Stainless Containers and we offer a complete range of OEM parts of accessories and equipment to meet all handling, storing, production and transport needs. The Cornerstone Stainless Containers tanks are certified to meet strict EU standards including EC and TṺV for pressure tanks according to the European pressure equipment directive PED 2014/68/EU and with CE mark.

Many of our tanks are UN certified for UN 31A/Y approved as intermediate bulk container (IBC) in accordance with ADR, RID, ADN and IMDG-code, chapter 6.5 for the transport of liquid hazardous material in packing groups II and III by sea, rail, road and inland waters. This allows for transport of UN rated packaging of Ⅱ&Ⅲ class hazardous and non-hazardous liquid products. In addition to our pressure tanks we offer a complete line of European produced ambient pressure tanks and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC).

CSC Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is manufactured and designed in a way that meets the requirements of economy, flexibility, ecology, safety and ease of use and maintenance.

Ecologically the stainless steel tanks are a solution to sustainability as these tanks are known to last for decades. There is little residual waste of product, no foil and plastic bag to throw away, and no cardboard or fiber to recycle. The tanks have a very durable and strong structure that protects it and the loading/unloading equipment while at the same time enables it to be of practical use; as has been designed to allow the container to be handled with forklift, pallet jacks (coasters in some designes) trucks and cranes, hooks etc.

Most of the Cornerstone Stainless Containers pressure tanks are stackable 3 high empty and 2 high full. This allows for efficient use of storage space and the 750 liter container is specifically designed to stack two high in a truck for efficient return logistics.

All Tuscan™ tanks are manufactured to be transported by road, rail and sea and are approved according to the standards for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC-GRV) that are UN/ADR/RID and have been subject to and passed all the relative test procedures.

Cornerstone Stainless Containers have all the answers for your storage requirements and transportation for non-hazardous goods and packaging of Ⅱ&Ⅲ class hazardous and non-hazardous liquid products

At CSC, we offer you new and used pressures tanks that can be used in the food, beverage, distillery and winery industry. We work with the leading European stainless steel container manufacturer, which has enable us to offer exceptional quality and prices to our valued customers who are looking for the finest quality at competitive prices. Our containers are built with European Craftsmanship and Excellence.

To meet our customer customized needs we produce our stainless steel tanks in Europe for use in the beverage and food industries. Whether it’s an extra port, adding a jacket, or insulation we can customize both our pressurized and ambient containers.

After an extensive analysis and decades in the industry, the CSC team has chosen the two manufacturers that represent the finest in tank production capabilities to represent our name. We are proud of the design, quality and price of our StärkerTM and TuscanTM lines to provide versatility, durability and quality to our customers.

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