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Using Pressure Containers For Long Term Food Storage

Whether you would like to admit it or not, chances are you find yourself eating processed foods from time to time. No shame! Lots of these processed foods are packaged, pre portioned and ready to go foods, making them ultra-convenient. The method in which these foods are processed will of course vary, however one thing all food processors have in common, is a constant battle against food spoilage.

For a large company, a batch of food spoiling would be a costly mistake and could lead to lots of food waste. Therefore, a company will take many preventive measures to lessen the likelihood of having this issue.

But what exactly causes spoilage of food? How can it be prevented? According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), food spoilage can be summed up as:

Spoilage occurs when the environment allows for bacteria growth. For these types of bacteria to flourish, oxygen must be present, meaning that exposure oxygen will eventually lead to food spoilage.

In other words, oxygen provides an environment that allows bacteria to flourish, which in turn causes spoilage of perishable goods. Consequently, to prevent spoilage, it is imperative to keep your processing environment oxygen free, and therefore bacteria free as well.

For liquid & viscous products, one way to do so is by using a large pressure container similarly to a small can of food. This requires the producer to pack their product in an airtight container and use an inert gas to offset oxygen. This is almost always done with nitrogen because it is heavier than oxygen, and therefore will sink below it when contained. This method of preservation uses nitrogen to displace oxygen, sealing the contents in a less bacteria prone environment.

When it comes time to release/open this container, your product should be as fresh as the day it was closed up, assuming your process went correctly. Much like a beer keg, or a can of food, using nitrogen & pressure allows you to keep food products fresh, for much longer periods of time.

Whatever the reason may be, in a world that is trending towards sustainability, it only makes sense to implement these practices into your own business. In the long run, you and your company stand to gain much more than just profits when using sustainable practices! Contact CSC

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