Stainless Steel Tanks

Cornerstone Stainless Containers offers Used stainless steel tanks produced in europe for use in the beverage and food industries.

Things You Will Need
Used Tanks

Containers utilized in the aseptic fruit industry now available as quality used 304 stainless steel pressure tanks ideal for brite, storage, fermentation, aseptic and transportation. These containers are selected from a large fleet due to their quality and dependability. The company is relocating their operation and minimizing their need for tanks, therefore these tanks which last forever are available for purchase.

2 1/2″ tri-clamp butterfly discharge
400 mm (15.75 inch) manway on top
Intake valve for CO2, Nitrogen or other gas on top
Pressure relief valve set at 1 bar (14.504 psi) on top
Tank rated to 2 bar test pressure
4 way entry with fork life or pallet jack
Stackable 3 high empty and 2 high full.

Inside is clean while outside can benefit from power washing as years of use in the fruit prep industry have left the outside less shiny due to stickers placed on the tanks to identify contents with each shipment.

These tanks were built prior to the fruit industry reducing the stainless steel (weight and cost) in the crown. The newer design has a tube crown while these have stainless steels solid top, similar to a beer keg, to protect valves on top and allow for solid stacking. Great durability.

Containers located in California
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Priced to sell quickly at $1,200 – plant is relocating